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  Washington This Week  CSPAN  August 30, 2015 1:47pm-2:00pm EDT

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>> speaking in nashville yesterday, donald trump said he was a conservative republican as angry with republicans because they go to washington and something happens. they become weak. donald trump's's remarks at the national federation of public in assemblies is just over an hour. ♪ >> donald j trump! woo! ♪ >> you're the best, around nothing's gonna ever keep you down ♪ trump: i love nashville. i will tell you a story about nashville. it is a special place to me for a special reason.
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maybe more importantly, we have an incredible woman with us. she is 92 years old. we do not talk about age, but she is 92. she looks magnificent. she has become very famous. where are you? look at her. so beautiful. registered to vote for the first time in her life. she has not seen anybody that really did it to her, and for the first time in her life, she just registered to vote and she is going to vote for trump, i think. right? thank you, darling. i really appreciate it. she is on television all over the world now. i have to be nervous even talking to her. thank you very much. i really appreciate it, honey. and everybody appreciates it. , growing, like
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leaps and bounds, silent majority out there, and we will take this country back and we are going to make this country so great again and so strong again. i have to tell you. sit down, folks, and joy. enough with the standing up here look at this group. what a group. the all-time record, they turned away thousands of people, i hear. these people have the best real estate, right? i just want to tell you. ago, is ago, many years hate to say 40 -- i will not say 40. but close to 40. i came to nashville. the you ever hear of a company -- they were based in nashville, tennessee, and they owned the department store. and i was a young guy and i came
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from brooklyn and clean -- and queens and i went into manhattan and i did the hotel and some other things that were good. the thing i wanted more than anything was 5th avenue between 57th and 56th street, the tiffany location right next to tiffany. that is what i wanted. i wanted that piece of properly deaf property so badly. you are not supposed to want things that badly because god will get angry at me, right? but i wanted it so badly. it was based in tennessee. i came in and i came to nashville. i met with the heads of genesco, who were very great people, actually. they were having a lot of difficulties. a lot of fighting and everything. i convinced them to sell me the land. and the building. i bought fifth avenue from 57 to 56th streets, surrounding, i
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bought the rights from tiffany, i bought -- built the trump tower, and it is one of the great billings of the world and great successes. to -- when i was here. it was incredible. leading in every poll, they sort of want you to when you are not leading in the polls like so many of these guys, they do not want you at all. we will talk about the polls in a second. but i have a lot of choices this morning and i could've also gone and played golf like the president does all the time, right? but i decided, let's do this. i really chose nashville because hey, the experience is not my biggest deal, but in terms of a deal, it is so important, and it has been such a great -- from the day i build it, it was a home run. it all really took place because of nashville, tennessee. it is an honor to be with you folks, i can tell you.
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a real honor. [applause] so, coming over, i watch television, and you know they have all these cameras back there and they are alive and i guess we are live on cnn and so many different things. it is a difficult when euro's life. you have got to change up your speech. you cannot make the same speech over and over. some of the folks in the room know that. other candidates do not get covered live ever except for the debate. so you know, they had 24 million people on the debate are now they think when a new numbers come out, they will be even substantially higher than that. i would have said they would've had one million or two. had 24 million people are now the second debate, on cnn, that was on fox, maybe i should ask for a lot of money and give the money for charity. all to charity. i said that to the writers of time magazine. they were nice enough to put me on the cover with a nice story.
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and i sort of thought i set it off the record but they put it in time magazine. so should i ask for charity? maybe a nice nashville charity and american cancer society, and aids research and there are so many good things. alzheimer's, so many big rings going on there. maybe i should ask for a lot of , so they will get say 2 million people they do not do great, especially, you know the expression -- flies. this is one of the biggest shows in the history of cable television in terms of clinical. in the history of cable television. in all fairness, i should. [laughter] is, i think ie
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might ask for a lot of money to charity. what do know, i did say you think, should i do it or not? maybe not, i don't know. [applause] here's the thing, if i don't do cnn will make a lot of money. actually very nice, but they will make a lot of money and, you know, i think it is something to consider. we will all consider it. i saw that they were having the illegal immigrants come in, time to do with children, the dreamers. the jays of children. i said, what about our children, why can't our children be the dreamers? no one ever talks about that. [applause] they never talk about that. whoalk about the dreamers,
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by the way are treated better than our vets. our vets are incredible. immigrants, in many cases, not cases cases, but in many -- and our veterans, our wounded warriors, these are the greatest people we have. aboutother thing nice being able to make speeches without having to hire some guy to write it and keep writing, and then say, good morning ladies and gentlemen, nashville's wonderful," you i can talk about this morning, how people are waiting on line to get in. these are our veterans who got hurt. maybe they would not be -- we
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would not be here if it was not for them. that is's will. they had a story this morning on fox and cnn and a number of them, where the veterans are treated terribly. they show the desk where there are supposed to be people behind the desk. they show a desk and there is no one there. probably some of you saw it. the veterans are saying, where are these people, and they say what happened, and they say, this happens all the time. no one is even there. wednesday, they have the longest wait in the history, in the history of the veterans administration, for people wanting to see a doctor. if i go to a doctor, and i had to wait nine minutes, i am like, i go crazy. it is true. remember the old days when the doctors used to come to your house? peter remembers that. you have a call on the doctor would carry a little bag like this take, and he would come
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over to your house, check you out, those do not exist anymore. we are in the age of obama care, where nothing exists. and replaceal obamacare. that, i can tell you. [applause] but, two lisa go wednesday, the agoest wait -- two weeks wednesday, the longest wait in the history. if you go to the doctor's office, men and women are a waiting for days, three days, one was five days. one was five or six days, finally got to see the doctor and a doctor excuse himself because he was going on vacation. can you imagine waiting even a day or a half-day? these people are waiting for five days. the weights are the longest in history. that is the way we are treating the american people. we will change that.
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we have right now, and you see these phony statistics put out by politicians, basically, all talk and no action politicians. all you know, i'm a republican and i am a conservative, but i'm just as anger with the republicans. when you go to washington, something happens. they become weak. they go to washington. "we are going to stop obamacare, we will do this and that." then they go in there and they go, oh, i made it, darling, i made it to a vote for you. i vote for you. i vote for obamacare extensions. i will do whatever you want me to do, i'm in washington." it is amazing. isn't it amazing question mark don't you agree? it won't happen to me, i
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promise. and if it does, you're going to let me know about it. but it won't. i promise. they show those phony statistics where we are 5.4% unemployment. the real number, i saw a number that could be 42%, believe it or not. out of 93 million people the labor force. of the 93, many of these people want jobs. they quit looking. so if you're looking for a job and you cannot find it, and you stop for a while, after a while, it is not going to areen but they staff they employed. we have 93 million people out of the labor force. it is hard to believe. we have 50 million people in poverty. china is taking our money. japan is taking our money.
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you just lost a big car plants to mexico in tennessee. frontpage, "wall street journal" -- i love this guy. guy.e this he's just holding this sign up. look at him. i know he's voting for. this is a movement. movement -- i don't want it to be about me. this is about common than, this is about doing the right thing.